Monday, June 30, 2008


We all know that gold is a precious metal. The meaning of gold to me was just like that till last Sunday. Today it has changed. Because last Sunday I got my detailed result where I found that I have got A+ in every subjects. That means I have obtained golden A+ .

When I was in school, I thought that obtaining A+ is really tough . And golden A+ is too high to reach. But when I found that most of our students have got A+ , then I thought obtaining golden A+ mustn't be so easy . But Sunday I got the news that most of our candidates have got golden A+ . Funny, isn't it?

In my brother's web site I have read a line, '' The word IMPOSSIBLE means that I AM POSSIBLE'' . So nothing is impossible in this world . But I had not believed this . Now the situation is forcing me to believe it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shiver Of Happiness

Yesterday my result of SSC exam has published . The interesting matter is that I have got A+ . This is the result what I was waiting for . What an interesting feeling that I am no more a student of school . I was too much worried about my result . But all my worries disappeared when I got my result .

From morning I was anxious on July26, 2008 . I was contacting to Anindita , my friend . But she was unable to talk to me. I said prayers and recited from the Holy Quran . I could not eat my supper properly. I dressed myself up and eagerly waited for Ammu . When I touched my granma's feet in obeisence she burst into tears . I thought that my tension has touched her also . My uncle suggested us to leave the house after watching the news at TV . I turned on the TV and watched one of my friends. I left the house at once.

When I reached the school I heard the news that some of the students had already got their result . I was glad to hear that our main day shift had done a marvellous result. I could also heard that none of us had missed A+ . At about 3.15 o'clock , one microbus containing our Mohsin sir and Shah Alam sir , was trying to enter the school compound. Our result sheet was in the hand of Mohsin sir but because of student's noise and bustle , he could not say a word . Out of excitement , Shah Alam sir opened his mouth and said that our school stood second in the merit list and all science students had got A+ except three students .

After that we managed to enter the school with great difficulty and it was a disgusting situation when I went to find my roll number on the notice board . But when I found it, my mind cheered up . It was really an extra ordinary feeling . I can't describe it in word .

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tension All Around Me

Next Thursday will the most important day of my life . The result of my SSC exam will publish on that day . I can't sleep properly at night because of nightmare . Only ALLAH can help me . I have told everyone to pray for my success . I don't know what will happen on that day . The time is too short . I can start countdown 1000...999...998...997...996.........

Monday, June 2, 2008

Arabic Language Class

After my SSC exam my Ammu ordered me to brush up my knowledge about Arabic language . I chose Mannan sir , Islamic teacher of VNS Dhanmondi , as my teacher . I was his old student . So he became very glad to see me . He was very much interested about teaching me . But within two weeks his interest has totally vanished . He realized that it is easy to teach a child how to read Arabic correctly but it is not easy to teach a girl who is used to read Arabic in a wrong way . Today I have started to memorise ARRAHMANU sura . I don't how long it will take


Today is my first day in blogging . With the co-operation of my brother I have just created my site . For the first day I have nothing to write . But I will be back very soon with the description of my visit to my granny's village .